This is me kissing @ the SFMOMA. Haaaaay.

     I'm Genevieve and I'm addicted to taking pictures of beautiful, delicious whole food creations (now you say hi and what you're addicted to). I've lived in Oakland for the last 5 years and I'm never going to leave. Beginning behind The New Parish, to the rough streets of 32nd and Filbert, to my now quiet seclusion in Glenview.

 I received my BA in political science from U.C. Berkeley and have the unwavering aspiration of changing what people view as food and the laws that influence these ideas (I'm coming for you Congress!). In March 2015, I became a holistic nutrition consultant student at Bauman College in Berkeley.

        My hobbies include cooking, eating, writing, drinking, reading, crafting, painting, dragging my ass to exercise (but then enjoying it), and helping my family run the bar-restaurant, Oeste. I strive to live a balanced, informed life, but often fail because I’m a flawed, flawed human. I still strive.

I solemnly swear not to bore you and to tickle your fancy, fancy. Catch you on the flip side (the flip side is the blog)!